I guess I’m voting for Obama

20 Jan

It is the night before the South Carolina primaries for the GOP nomination.  I will just go through the 4 candidates (Paul, Gingrich, Romney, and Santorum) really briefly and why I am ruling them out.

I have been pretty gung ho about Huntsman, and it was definitely a long short to win the 2012 GOP nomination but there’s always 2016/2020.  His brand of realistic views and world experience with a non-partisan attitude made him the best man for the job, but not for the people.

Ron Paulis a dedicated individual.  I admire that he sticks to his principles and that he has basically been right on everything single thing he does.  I’ve always thought that if he became President, he’d make the country dramatically worse or better, basically high-risk and high-reward.  He is definitely a very good legislator, just not an executive.  I think that an executive must compromise and Paul’s unwillingness to compromise would make him better suited in something dealing with policy or a topic, but not the whole shebang of being the leader of the free world.

Gingrich is hypocrisy times hypocrisy, and the people who are voting for are to blame.  I am mad that when the pastor or a large church that Obama rarely attended said some stuff a long time ago that was taken out of context gave Obama a firestorm of media criticism.  Gingrich has be married three times, greater than the average of Americans, and cheated on his first and second wife with his second and third wife, respectively.  For a party about family values, Santorum would be the best.  Santorum, however, hasn’t really done anything spectacular and does not imbue a sense of being presidential.  On the more tangible side, his accomplishments seem sparse compared to Romney and his emphasis on manufacturing and social issues is not the venue for the presidency at the time.

Romney would have been very interesting to me to vote for.  Given that he was able to govern the most Democratic state in the nation, that made me want to vote for him because that showed to me that he could work across party lines (and especially in Boston because he had to).  I just cannot support him now because he has switched his positions on virtually everything.  I don’t discount his being wealthy and living in a privileged family.  I really like his handling of the Salt Lake City Olympic Games.  It’s the fact that I can’t tell what he stands for and that it seems he changes his positions to fit in with the status quo that makes me hesitant, and unlikely, to vote for him over Obama.

Obama is the man to be President right now.  He was given a crap economy and an intransigent GOP House with a seemingly increasingly hostile conservative media towards him on his every move.  He’s actually done most of what he said he would do, which makes me believe him more than Romney.  Obama voted against the war when it wasn’t expedient to do so.  His lack of executive experience greatly troubles me which is why I gave Romney and Huntsman the edge, but I’m just counting the days to when Romney revert back to the middle.


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