Gun Control, Reasons For

17 Dec

I have to say something about the awfulness in Newtown, CT.  Even though I try to have semi-random political posts that are not just covering super-current news, I have to now.

I still think it’s ridiculous that gun possession is lawful when nearly every other civilized country has virtually outlawed it, generally leading to lower violence statistics.  But even arguing for its legality/constitutionality, I definitely think there’s no reason to have an assault weapon unless you are killing people.  Why would I have to go through more documentation to get a driver’s license than it is to get a gun permit?  Why is it harder to get through one page of IRS forms than it is to buy a gun?  Why do I wait longer to get a passport than I do to get a gun?  I think we seriously need to reevaluate our priorities.

When we have laws that make it illegal to get a drug (marijuana/cannabis) which won’t affect anyone (and is clearly less deleterious than tobacco) and its illegality spurs drug wars which kill people with guns that are easier to get than the marijuana itself, then I think we need to do something radical, and now.  Seriously, what the hell are we doing, and why aren’t we doing something today, let alone yesterday.  When 9/11 happened, we immediately (start to) reorganize our national defense.  When there is a recall of a food or product, we immediately take steps to curb the danger to the public.  When we are one day late with our utility bills, we immediately get slapped with a late payment charge.  Let’s do something about this immediately.


2 Responses to “Gun Control, Reasons For”

  1. Joshua December 20, 2012 at 1:20 am #

    I completely agree. As my dad puts it, what possible use could you have for an assault weapon? The majority of people here in the Dallas suburbs own guns and would go absolutely crazy if gun control became stricter (like how they went crazy after Obama was reelected). Doesn’t a child’s right to live trump a person’s “right” to own an assault weapon?

    • ronarruejo December 21, 2012 at 2:10 pm #

      So interesting how different states tackle gun laws. Most people in California have never even handled a gun, we have an assault weapon ban (at least for now), and it’s one of the few with a state constitution that doesn’t explicitly guarantee private citizens the right to buy, have, and carry guns. A more encompassing federal law is what we need; however, what I know about Congress is that when something needs to be done, unfortunately, nothing is actually done.

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