Why you should(n’t) concern yourself with the 2016 election

14 Jul

This will be one of those times in which I want you to do as I say, not as I do.

Now on ‘do as I say.’  Do not read the seemingly ubiquitous polling matchup articles between Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie, please (i.e. POLITICO).  This is one of those times in which it is utterly ridiculous to be doing this.  There’s this thing called the midterms, and the countless other statewide and district elections that we should be focusing on more.  If you do not know your state- and federal-level elected candidates for the upcoming election, then you shouldn’t even be looking at something that won’t happen for at least a year after that.  I cannot stress enough that this is the very definition of horse-race coverage, and something that I have a love-hate relationship with.  Of course it is incredibly entertaining beyond belief; however, that is not where the conversation should be.  It should be whether their policy and personality differences would lead America to vote for one over the other.  Moreover, we do not even know if they’ll be the nominees for their respective parties.  In 2008, it should’ve been Clinton vs. Giuliani.  In 2004, it should’ve been Bush vs. Dean.  In 2000, it should’ve been gore vs. McCain.  The veritable front-runners for the presidential nomination never seem to be who the media prognosticators think it will be.  Democrats, recently, have never installed the 2nd-place finisher of the previous election, like the Republicans have countless times.  If we can eventually talk about Clinton’s accomplishments as Secretary of State or Chris Christie’s bipartisanship with the Democratically controlled legislature, then I’ll heap in the polls to my mix of news.

Now for ‘not as I do.’ It is incredibly entertaining to see these politicians being talked about for President a gazillion years before their actual campaigning, or even getting into the race.  The media thinks the public only cares about these numbers and how they go up and down…and they’re right.  We, as a public, care more about whether Clinton wins this state or that instead of what, as President, she would do to fix the economy, whether restructuring the tax code is sexy enough to make as her first bill, or shifting and/or downsizing our forces from the Middle East to the Pacific region.  We, as a public, care more about Christie’s weight instead of what he would have done differently/more with a Republican legislature, why someone with executive experience would be better prepared for the White House, or the nature of federal insurance subsidies and plans for natural disasters and how much personal responsibility one should take for building in a volatile geographic region.  I, as a person, am already looking at how the delegates will be picked and allocated for the advantages of one candidate over another (Frontloading HQ and The Green Papers), whether republican-dominated legislatures of blue states split their votes like Maine and Nebraska, and when one party wins, who the 2020 presidential front-runner will be.

I’m not saying that this article serves to highlight my hypocrisy, because it does.  I’m just saying that both the public and media are hypocritical, they just don’t want to admit it like I do.


P.S. There are hints of sarcasm throughout this post.  If you’ve read my posts and/or know me well enough, you’ll know where they are, so don’t read everything at face value.



One Response to “Why you should(n’t) concern yourself with the 2016 election”

  1. realtalkrealdebate July 14, 2013 at 10:29 pm #

    I tried commentating on my phone, but it wouldn’t go through for whatever reason.

    Nevertheless I agree with you. I personally found it outrageous that on election night as President Obama was taking the lead many pundits began talking about 2016. I was repulsed. Let these people at least try to do their jobs. I simply ignore any discussion for 2016. It is much too early.

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