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Obama’s Apparent Weakness in Foreign Policy: Syria

1 Sep
(en) Syria Location (he) מיקום סוריה

Syria Location (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t think anyone can state that President Obama has done a good, or even a mediocre, job at his handling of the Syrian crisis.  I actually wished he went back to his great rhetorical speech-abilities and very intangible concepts.  There’s a lot more nuance than action in foreign policy, and, in my opinion, he has done a horrible job in this respect.  I never liked that he said that there was a “red line” (CBS News, PBS) in which he backed himself into a corner.  When it comes to domestic issues, I want a candidate/public official to be specific; however, when foreign policy is concerned, then ambiguities need to be ‘established’ so that a framework can be built in which all parties concerned have a face-saving option. Continue reading


The Intersection of Asian-Americans, Presidential Politics, and Me

5 Nov

Over the past week, I read two opinion articles on Politico about why Asian-Americans should vote for Obama or Romney by Rep. Judy Chu and Lanhee Chen (Romney policy director), respectively.  I wasn’t sure whether to be happy or frustrated that either of them were reaching out to me as part of some monolithic bloc.  As numerous others already know, the Asian-American bloc is not aptly named.  The differences among the various Asian countries are probably even more so than here in America by religion, ethnicity, income, standard of living, and a host of other characteristics. Continue reading

Comment on Politico’s “Opinion: The Bubble Candidate”

1 Oct
English: Seal of the President of the United S...

English: Seal of the President of the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I understand why people will vote for Romney for President.  I want to say that I like him a lot on some issues such as his moderation on social issues, fiscal decisions that seem to make you better than worse off, and a great career in the private sector.  He is the mostly ‘good’ candidate, especially on paper.  He has a broad range of experiences from being a bishop in the Church of Latter Day Saints, a Republican governor of the most Democratic state, and extremely successful at Bain Capital.  But a president cannot only be good at decisions. Continue reading


Personal Update (July 2012)

20 Jul

Sorry, I’ve been away for so long…Over the past 4 months, I have finished my last quarter at UCLA as a double major with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Scandinavian Languages and Cultures & Political Science and have enrolled at Indiana University – Bloomington for my Masters in Public Affairs (with concentrations in Public Financial Management & State and Local Government).

To summarize politically, Mitt Romney has (nearly) won the Republican nomination and California has (successfully?) completed its new round of elections with independently drawn districts and the top-two primary.  The Howard-Berman race in the San Fernando Valley is the most closely watched in the nation, but there are also a lot of other Dem-Dem and Rep-Rep contests to be battled in the November general elections.  Future posts will be more skewed towards the MidWest (and Indiana in particular) and less about California, but still some.


16 Mar
120-cell family polytopes in H3 Coxeter plane ...

Image via Wikipedia

Definition: a compact 4-dimensional hyperbolic manifold obtained by identifying opposite faces of the 120-cell, whose universal cover gives the regular honeycomb {5,3,3,5} of 4-dimensional hyperbolic space

How is this related to the state of the GOP race? Well, the race for delegates is as complicated as this shape in math.  (And math is what you need to win, at least according to Romney.)

Did you know that Romney actually won the Dixie primaries, but of course with the help of islands on the other side of the world of Hawaii and America Samoa

…by winning Hawaii and America Samoa, as well as some delegates in the Southern states that award them proportionally.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0312/74024_Page2.html#ixzz1pL13qpMC

I mean, the race is about looking at the intricacies of each state, each district, each precinct, and each delegate and figure out how you can have them vote for you, never mind the preference of voters.  Voters should always look at the delegate count, and not the policies of a candidate.  We should be thinking that because Romney will be the nominee, that we might as well not have the primaries.  Why not just let the Super PACs pick the delegates for us, then we would not have to actually do anything, I mean let’s be real, we don’t even vote.

The nominee for the presidency should be uplifting and commanding and not make excuses.  We should demand for from the people who run for positions of power.  Questions from the media should be why do you think you’re best and not what is your strategy to win.  We should be asking what will you do for me, my family, my state, and my country and not why the other person is worse than you.

Math should not be the focus of politics, unless you’re talking about the need for it in our current education system.

(I know I ended with introducing a new topic which is bad, but it’s still true.)

Maybe Rick Santorum, Not Really Romney, Obama the Best of the Three

19 Feb
, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.

Image via Wikipedia

This following post will be a brief ‘state of the race’ with Rick Santorum as the focus.  It’s definitely amazing how Rick S. was in the back of the pack.  At one point, the national polls were showing that Romney/Perry/Gingrich/Cain were in 1st place with Paul/Bachmann sometimes in 2nd place and Huntsman/Santorum lagging in the back.  A Real Clear Politics poll shows that Santorum is now winning by more than 5% points.  His sincerity and ease at talking seem to make him the more Obama-like candidate than Romney by a mile.  Politico, for example, had a great opinion article regarding a President and their likability to sharing a beer (Beer).  To be honest, even though I agree with Romney’s politics more, I’d rather have a beer with Santorum.  I always make the point that the President of the United State of America is both the ‘Chief Executive‘ and ‘Head of State‘.  This means that they are charged with the governance of the country, but also to represent the hopes and aspirations of the people that they govern.  Unlike other countries where those responsibilities are split between a President and Prime Minister, the United States has both.  Other countries might want a leader who says they are better than the people that voted for them, but American Presidents should be “of the people, by the people, and for the people”.

…And that’s why I’m voting for Obama (as of right now and if nothing dramatic/strange/unusual happens in the next months until the election).

Caucus, Caucus, Caucus, Primary, Caucus…ad infinitum (with Romney)

6 Feb

Do you think it’s getting a little boring always hearing how the race will be changed…and then it doesn’t. Rick Santorum (and Romney) ‘winning’ Iowa was definitely a little tardy, Ron Paul and Jon Hunstman way back in 2nd and 3rd place (behind Romney), Newt Gingrich winning S.C. (over Romney),  N.G. losing Florida (to Romney), Paul really losing Nevada (to Romney), Missouri is being staked out by Santorum (against Romney), R.P. working the Maine cacuses to win (in Romney’s backyard), N.G. working in M. Bachmann’s state (while denouncing Romney), and Colorado (something-or-other with Romney).  Yea, definitely said a lot of Romney because there is a lot of Romney in the polls, money, time, media, and everything important to winning an election.  I thought that the Democratic primary in 2008 was really great because the two sharpened each other for the better without being too nasty.  In this Republican primary, N.G. should get out with his bombastic statements and give it to someone like R.P. or R.S. who both have my respect if he really just wants to beat Romney.  The only thing that is definitely down is turnout in all states (and don’t include Iowa because there was no Democratic race).  I have not heard anything substantive from the candidates, except maybe from Paul and Santorum.  Romney is a been-there-done-that candidate who is so boring that he’ll beat Obama by pure boredom.  Like I’ve told many people, if the leader of America was a chief executive, then Romney should be the president; however, the president is also the head of state and needs to also inspire the people they govern and have something better than a (I’ll give it to him) great resume.

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