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Failure of the Farm Bill

23 Jun

I have to admit, agriculture is probably not even on my Top 10 issues to follow on a national level.  When I lived in Southern California, it wasn’t really something that I even saw.  Now that I’m here in Indiana, I have tried to pay more attention to the issues affecting my state more than others, and agriculture is definitely one of them. Continue reading


Rob Portman and Gay Marriage

17 Mar
Official portrait of United States Senator (R-OH).

Official portrait of United States Senator (R-OH). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Excepting the papal election of Bergoglio to Francis, I think one of the biggest news is Sen. Rob Portman‘s public switch to support gay marriage (Politico). Continue reading

block, bring to end, close off, disconnect, discontinue, halt, isolate, obstruct, suspend

27 Feb

A few words to describe the oft-mentioned ‘sequester’.  (As a challenge to myself, I will insert each of the words, once,  from the title instead of the s-word in this post in italics.)

I will admit that this block on federal spending is really confusing.  It is easy for more partisan critics to blame the other side that will bring to end some loved programs.  There are so many articles now on the close off that is about to potentially happen: Continue reading

The Next State to Cause Commotion on the National Scene: Texas

22 Feb
texas our texas

texas our texas (Photo credit: jmtimages)

Removing Alaska, Texas is the largest state in area.  Removing California, Texas is the most populated.  Texas is just plain big.  It has the largest number of counties within its borders.  It is the only state whose flag can be flown at the same level as the United States’.  “Everything is bigger in Texas” seems to be true in many respects, and it will be soon true on the national scene of politics.

Politico‘s “Lone Star Rising” article profiles the state and its looming implications on national politics. Continue reading

13 Jan

Very surprised at his stance. It would seem like a negative politically, but since he is in the last year of his only term as governor, kudos to him. The State of the State address was very informative as to why he is taking that action and comparing Virginia to the rest of the nation. Hopefully he can also tackle the underlying reason why they’re in jail also, but definitely a step in the right direction.

The Status of Voting

13 Jan

Voting is the one time that you at least seem to be equal with anyone else.  Of course there is voter registration (except for ND), residency, age, voter ID laws, possibility of absentee balloting, and ability to get to a poll during the specified time and at the correct place which serve as obstacles for a potential voter to cast their ballot.  The people are already disenfranchised before they vote with a variety of factors such as a lack of transparency in political contributions, gerrymandering once a decade, and electoral systems which (for better or for worse) produce a primary-driven instead of a general consensus candidate leading to a two-party system (which has both pros and cons). Continue reading

Consequences of Voting in a Democracy

12 Dec

With the end of elections, the people who we elected and have been or about to be inaugurated will be making decisions based on why they were elected.  To me, I’m a little confused as to why there is all this consternation regarding the recent right-to-work laws that have recently passed in the state I currently reside in, Indiana, and our northern neighbor of Michigan.  Some are outraged to the recent decisions, which is quite understandable.  However, voters apparently want these decisions, for better or for worse.  There is something to be said that private and/or public sector jobs are being threatened either by less job positions (via unionization) or lower wages and benefits (via right-to-work).  No one should be surprised, though, that when you vote a supermajority in the state senate and super majority in the state house (Michigan) and an increase to a 2/3 majority in both state houses (Indiana) of Republicans, you are going to get a Republican kind of state.  Outrage may be justified, but voters do not want that.

You get what you pay for.  In politics, you get what you vote for.


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