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Being Local is Being Best (and yea…Super Tuesday too)

7 Mar

, U.S. Congresswoman (D-Ohio, 1983-present)

Yes, there was that blowout in Super Tuesday by Romney.  Oh, I lied.  I mean barely winning a state by 1% in which he outspent his main competitor (Santorum) 5-1, obviously winning his home state (MA) and could-be home state (VT), mano-a-mano match against Ron Paul (just 60/40), and that state on the other side of the country (Alaska).  Santorum and Gingrich getting the other four (Tennessee, Oklahoma, ND and Georgia, respectively).  Basically, I’d like to thank the GOP for making all these early contests proportional =D

I know that politicians can be very egotistical.  Again, I lie.  I know that politicians are egotistical.  But the lengths to which Dennis Kucinich tries to keep his job by first searching for a seat in a newly formed seat in Washington and then losing by a lot to Kaptur shows that I’m glad that those people in the district voted for who represented them best and not who wanted to represent themselves.  I hope that I can do that in whatever position, and I’ll endeavor to do that in the future.

Caucus, Caucus, Caucus, Primary, Caucus…ad infinitum (with Romney)

6 Feb

Do you think it’s getting a little boring always hearing how the race will be changed…and then it doesn’t. Rick Santorum (and Romney) ‘winning’ Iowa was definitely a little tardy, Ron Paul and Jon Hunstman way back in 2nd and 3rd place (behind Romney), Newt Gingrich winning S.C. (over Romney),  N.G. losing Florida (to Romney), Paul really losing Nevada (to Romney), Missouri is being staked out by Santorum (against Romney), R.P. working the Maine cacuses to win (in Romney’s backyard), N.G. working in M. Bachmann’s state (while denouncing Romney), and Colorado (something-or-other with Romney).  Yea, definitely said a lot of Romney because there is a lot of Romney in the polls, money, time, media, and everything important to winning an election.  I thought that the Democratic primary in 2008 was really great because the two sharpened each other for the better without being too nasty.  In this Republican primary, N.G. should get out with his bombastic statements and give it to someone like R.P. or R.S. who both have my respect if he really just wants to beat Romney.  The only thing that is definitely down is turnout in all states (and don’t include Iowa because there was no Democratic race).  I have not heard anything substantive from the candidates, except maybe from Paul and Santorum.  Romney is a been-there-done-that candidate who is so boring that he’ll beat Obama by pure boredom.  Like I’ve told many people, if the leader of America was a chief executive, then Romney should be the president; however, the president is also the head of state and needs to also inspire the people they govern and have something better than a (I’ll give it to him) great resume.

I guess I’m voting for Obama

20 Jan

It is the night before the South Carolina primaries for the GOP nomination.  I will just go through the 4 candidates (Paul, Gingrich, Romney, and Santorum) really briefly and why I am ruling them out. Continue reading

Iowa Caucus

3 Jan

Like I tweeted, I am more excited about these caucuses than I was for my birthday or Christmas combined.  The Iowa Caucuses are the midpoint between the first half and the second half of the campaigning season for the White House.

I think that the race is now a 3.5 person race: Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and the 0.5 person is occupied by the rest (Jon Hunstman, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Newt Gingrich).  Rick Santorum is a tried-and-true conservative who seems to mostly stick to his principles.  Mitt Romney is the perfect politician…or is it the imperfect politician? He does everything that he’s supposed to do, is expected to do, and is very, well…the word would be boring, plain, flat, etc.  Ron Paul, on the other hand, seems to excite a new breed of Republicans, albeit not the conservative of the present.  The GOP seems to be kicking his legs from out under him which makes more people want to look at him.  His explanations have largely been proven, and I wouldn’t mind voting for him if he gets to the general election.  Of course, I’d like to see Jon Hunstman because he speaks simply, and without drama, but this is a popular(ity) contest and being good is just not nearly enough.

I just can’t wait for the campaigning to begin.  Here’s a 2008 video to remind you of what’s to come: JibJab’s Time for Some Campaignin’.

Redistricting and Iowa

1 Jan

It’s finally here.  No, not 2012, the Iowa Caucuses (and yes, the Democrats are also having one, not just the Republicans).  The year 2012 brings another year of presidential campaigning, and shortly after that, the 2016 presidential campaign.  Just looking at the past 3 months, you had Tim Pawlenty, then Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, New Gingrich, Ron Paul, and now Rick Santorum.  And guess who benefits from all of this, yes, that’s correct -> Mitt Romney (which isn’t actually his real name, but that’s just a tangent). Continue reading

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