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Importance of State over National News

18 Jan

The national news is sometimes so engrossing that we overlook the local and state news, especially in terms of politics.  The Washington Post‘s article listing “The Best State Capitol Reporters in America” was a good way to recognize the work and focus that they do, from my home state in Sacramento, California, to my current residence in Indiana in Indianapolis.  If you read this post, I urge you to subscribe or bookmark their websites and read their stories.  There are some things that the national news does well on the political scene, but it is extremely difficult to sift through the stories of which may or may not be biased.  More often than not, the state political reporters report the facts more than their opinions.  On the national scale, there are so few “news-worthy” stories that the writers/reporters have to put their ‘spin’ on it to break out from the crowd. Continue reading

State vs. National Debates

14 Oct

Having watched numerous debates over the past month, both on the national and state level, I’ve got to say that the the more local an election, the more substantive the discussions are.  On the national level, the presidential (and vice presidential) candidates may have more popularity, but I do not learn anything new or different from those debates.  On the state level, however, having seen all 3 MA U.S. Senate debates, the NC and IN governor’s debate, the CA-7th US Representative, and the NE, CT, NV, MT, ME, & WI, I believe that both the moderators and the candidates are talking more about the policies because the people interested are looking less at their facial expressions (i.e. Biden’s smile/laughter) and “spin room” analysis.  The detail that is in the debates at the state level and the lack of it at the national level is astounding.  I wish I had all day to say my comments on each of the debates, but alas, I am a college student.  I encourage you, whoever if reading, to watch at least 1 state/local debate for every national debate you see.

What affects you most is on the state-level.  If you are still in school, the state has the most say on the policies.  If your city/county does not have adequate services or infrastructure, that is mostly due to you city and state legislators.  If you pay a sales tax some periodic fee, that is due to your city/county/state.  Please pay attention to what is actually important instead of the superfluous.  It’s sometimes hard to see the difference, but be informed of the issues and candidates.  And remember to vote on Nov. 6 (or before like I will).

Boris Shor, PhD

Associate Professor, Dep't of Political Science, U. of Houston

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